Whether you already completed & filed a Joinder, need just a QDRO drafted & filed, or need our complete start to finish CalPERS QDRO Service, our team can assist.

What We Offer to You

Experience: We have processed countless CalPERS QDROs for CalPERS members and alternate payees since 1996. We know the QDRO process with CalPERS and the local family law courts. We can process your QDRO effectively because we understand what it takes to get your order for a division of accounts.

Professionalism: State law requires that persons/businesses providing legal document preparation directly to the public be bonded and registered through their local county recorder. This is to protect the consumer and ensure you are dealing with a professional and legitimate business. We have complied with this law since it was enacted while many others do not.

Convienecne: There is nothing easier than sitting back and letting us handle your CalPERS QDRO. We facilitate everything from start to finish. When you choose our team you wont even have to leave your home to  get the highest level of service we provide. The courts, CalPERS, filing, serving; we do it all for you.

Affordability: Our business was founded to provide a lower cost legal alternative to the traditional attorney service. This means we offer our professionalism and high quality service at rates far below most other services. Furthermore, we offer an all inclusive service with no surprises costs, unlike the offer guys who want to charge a fee for just returning a phone call.

Communication: There is nothing worse than hiring a company to handle one of the most important aspects of your family law case and them not responding to emails or returning your call. Our team doesn’t ever leave our clients in the dark. We update you with status every step of the way with phone calls and emails.

Time Sensitive: We know that your CalPERS QDRO isn’t just paperwork. Most times it is your ability to move forward and start your life fresh. From the moment you start with our team we work fast and follow up constantly with CalPERS and the Courts to ensure your QDRO gets processed as soon as possible.

Overview of Our Start to Finish Process

We don’t make it hard to start your QDRO process with us. Usually it takes less than 5 minutes and we’ll take it from there. When you are ready to have our team process your CalPERS QDRO you will submit a “Get Started” form. The form just collects name, address, telephone number and a few “yes” or “no” questions.

Our team instantly sends a digital authorization for services for you to digitally sign, a digital invoice which you can pay online and a simple 6 question information request.

A Joinder is a series of documents filed on your family law case. The purpose of these documents is to bring CalPERS into your court case. Per CalPERS’ “A Guide to Community Property”, CalPERS cannot be bound to enforce a QDRO unless they are made a party to a case with the Joinder process. See more about Joinders and CalPERS here.

Our team completes all Joinder documents as well as files them at the court. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes on these important documents or standing in line at the court.

To complete the Joinder process CalPERS must receive a copy of the filed documents. This is known as the process serve. The community property division of CalPERS receives the documents and typically will file a “Notice of Appearance of Employee Benefit Plan” with the court and mail a copy to the party who filed the Joinder. Learn more about serving CalPERS Joinders.

As soon as we have filed your Joinder documents we dispatch process of serve. We employee several methods such as personal service and serve by mail.

For the serve of the Joinder on CalPERS to be documented with the court a “Proof of Service of Summons on Joinder” is filed. This document provides details about the serve on CalPERS including date, time and location to mention a few. There are different options for the completion and filing of the Proof of Service. Learn more about Proof of Service of Summons – Joinder with CalPERS.

As soon as our team has completed the serve on CalPERS we prepare and file a proof of service with the court.

Currently CalPERS offers 3 model options for their QDROs. They are titled “A”, “B” and “C”. Each model is different and will alter the way a CalPERS account is divided as well as when it is distributed. Furthermore, certain models are only available to certain members. Learn more about CalPERS QDRO Models.

As soon as we initiate your case we obtain required information and have your model QDRO prepared, usually same or next day.

More and more Family Law Court Judges are requiring a QDRO be pre-approved. This means the Judge wants CalPERS to review the QDRO to confirm the contents of the order are satisfactory. CalPERS gladly reviews QDROs and provides approval letters on submitted QDROs. Learn more about the approval process for a CalPERS QDRO.

As soon as your model QDRO has been drafted we submit it to CalPERS to start to approval. They usually have it within a few days from when you initiate your case with us.

Once a QDRO has been approved it can be signed by both parties, then the Judge of the Court.  Usually the QDRO is submitted with a filing fee and postage paid envelopes. Most courts process the QDROs in 2-3 weeks. Learn more about Signatures on a CalPERS QDRO.

Our team combines your CalPERS QDRO, approval letter, filing fee and all required envelopes and postage to the court immediately. We then track the progress of it at the court every single day until the Judge has signed it.

Once a Judge signs a QDRO it is an order of the court and can be sent to CalPERS. As soon as we receive the filed QDRO from the court we package and send it  to CalPERS.

Usually within 30 days of receiving the filed order, CalPERS will confirm it is acceptable and initiate the division of accounts. The timeline to receive funds depends on processing times and the model of QDRO. Learn how long you’ll wait to receive your CalPERS funds after submitting a filed QDRO.

Once CalPERS receives the filed QDRO they will re-verify the documents and then start the division process. They will contact you and keep you informed as they complete their division of accounts process.

At this point, for security, we erase all your sensitive information from our servers such as birth dates & social security numbers. We send out a final status letter and thank you card as well as a discount certificate for any of your future needs that you can use or share with friends or family.

I received great service from Just Document Prep. I had battled with the courts for several months trying to get my divorce papers submitted to the court on my own. I finally reached out for professional help at Just Document Prep and that is exactly what I received, professionalism at its finest. After they took over my case was complete in a matter of days.
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